TAB Reccomends

TAB Reccomends

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Red Rising, Pierce Brown (SF BRO)

A tale set in a bleak future society torn by class divisions follows the experiences of secret revolutionary Darrow, who after witnessing his wife’s execution by an oppressive government joins a revolutionary cell and attempts to infiltrate an elite military academy.


Steve Jobs, Walter Isaacson (B JOBS 2011)

Draws on more than forty interviews with Steve Jobs, as well as interviews with family members, friends, competitors, and colleagues, to offer a look at the co-founder and leading creative force behind the Apple computer company.

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The Strange Library, Haruki Murakami (FIC MUR)

In a fantastical illustrated short novel, three people imprisoned in a nightmarish library plot their escape.

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The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald (FIC FIT)

Newly rich Jay Gatsby tries to recapture the past and win back Daisy Buchanan, his former love, despite the fact she has married.

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The Great Big Book of Horrible Things: The Definitive Chronicle of History’s 100 Worst Atrocities, Matthew White (909 W 2012)

Presents both hard facts and military, social, and political histories of the world’s one hundred most violent events, from the second Persian War in 480 BCE to the modern war in the Congo.

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American Radical: Inside the World of an Undercover Muslim FBI Agent, Tamer Elnoury (363.325 E 2017)

A Muslim American FBI agent shares how he brought down a terror cell in North America.


Zombies vs. Unicorns, ed. Holly Black and Justine Larbalestier (YFIC 808.83 Z)

In this alternately hilarious, grisly, sexy, and terrifying collection of paranormal tales, superstar YA authors such as Libba Bray, Scott Westerfeld, and Meg Cabot do battle over which beings reign supreme: zombies or unicorns.

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The Family Romanov: Murder, Rebellion, and The Fall of Imperial Russia, Candace Fleming (YB ROMANOV FAMILY 2014)

Traces the story of the Russian Revolution, the lives of the Romanov family, and the story of their tragic deaths, in an account that draws on primary source materials and includes period photography.


The Inferno, Dante Alighieri (851 D 2003)

In the first part of Dante’s epic poem about the three realms of the Christian afterlife, a spiritual pilgrim is led by Virgil through the nine circles of Hell.


Book Review

TAB Recommends

TAB Recommends

Here are some books our TAB members have read and loved recently. We’ve included the call number so you can come and get them at Reston Regional Library! All summaries taken from Novelist.

The Odyssey, Homer – 883 H
Traces Odysseus’ ten-year voyage home after the Trojan War, a journey marked by a man-eating Cyclops, deadly Sirens, the fury of the sea-god Poseidon, and Odysseus’ faithful wife’s efforts to rebuff greedy suitors.

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We Are the Ants, Shaun David Hutchinson – YFIC HUT
After the suicide of his boyfriend, Henry deals with depression and family issues, all while wondering if he was really abducted and told he has 144 days to decide whether or not the world is worth saving.

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Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe, Benjamin Alire Saenz – YFIC SAE
Fifteen-year-old Ari Mendoza is an angry loner with a brother in prison, but when he meets Dante and they become friends, Ari starts to ask questions about himself, his parents, and his family that he has never asked before.

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I’ll Give You the Sun, Jandy Nelson – YFIC NEL
A story of first love, family, loss, and betrayal told from different points in time, and in separate voices, by artists Jude and her twin brother Noah.


The Hot Zone, Richard Preston – 614.5 P 1994
A highly infectious, deadly virus from the central African rain forest suddenly appears in the suburbs of Washington, D.C. There is no cure. In a few days 90 percent of its victims are dead. A secret military SWAT team of soldiers and scientists is mobilized to stop the outbreak of this exotic “hot” virus. The Hot Zone tells this dramatic story, giving a hair-raising account of the appearance of rare and lethal viruses and their “crashes” into the human race.

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Alanna: The First Adventure, Tamora Pierce – YFIC PIE
Eleven-year-old Alanna, who aspires to be a knight even though she is a girl, disguises herself as a boy to become a royal page, and learns many hard lessons along her path to high adventure.


One of Us Is Lying, Karen McManus – YMYS MCM
When one of five students in detention is found dead, his high-profile classmates—including a brainy intellectual, a popular beauty, a drug dealer on probation and an all-star athlete—are investigated and revealed to be the subjects of the victim’s latest gossip postings.

Book Review

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Book Review: The Sound of Munich

The Sound of Munich has nothing to do with the Sound of Music as it may seem, but this book has everything to do with a trip to Germany, adventure, and fitting in. In this book we get Siena Bernstein, a German-American girl who longs to discover more about her German roots and find the man who helped her father cross the Berlin wall when he was just a toddler. Of course, when visiting a foreign country on scholarship you may meet a handsome foreign guy who you may just develop a crush on, and that is exactly the predicament Siena falls into. Add in a high- maintenance drama queen and a huge load of classwork and we may just end up in a funny, dramatic, heartwarming, romantic, and zen worthy quick read that will not disappoint. And Siena is not the only student to cross the seven seas and take risks in a new country, there are many more books in the S.A.S.S ( students across the seven seas ) book series, so you can follow other girls through France, England, Spain, Mexico,etc. This book left me in wonder about some of the great monuments in Deutschland, and made me smile when Siena realizes where she belongs when it comes to her fathers side of the family. All in all this story is a great short read that will move you by the very end.

TAB Recommends

Here are some books our TAB members have read and loved recently. We’ve included the call number so you can come and get them at Reston Regional Library! All summaries taken from Novelist.

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Dial-A-Ghost, Eva Ibbotson – JFIC IBB
A family of nice ghosts protects a British orphan from the diabolical plans of his evil guardians.


Salt to the Sea, Ruta Sepetys – YFIC SEP
Titanic. Lusitania. Wilhelm Gustloff. All major maritime disasters, yet the last is virtually unknown. Ruta Sepetys changes that in her gripping historical novel. Told in short snippets, Salt to the Sea rotates between four narrators attempting to escape various tragedies in 1945 Europe.

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The Emerald Atlas, John Stephens – JFIC STE
Book 1 of The Books of Beginning. Ten years ago, siblings Kate, Michael, and Emma were taken from their parents’ home and have lived in orphanage after orphanage ever since. Newly arrived at their latest abode, they find an enchanted old atlas that transports them back in time…and into the clutches of an evil countess who’s seeking the book that they’ve found.

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Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, JK Rowling – JFIC ROW
Book 1 of the Harry Potter series. Rescued from the outrageous neglect of his aunt and uncle, a young boy with a great destiny proves his worth while attending Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry.


Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, Ransom Riggs – YFIC RIG
After a family tragedy, Jacob feels compelled to explore an abandoned orphanage on an island off the coast of Wales, discovering disturbing facts about the children who were kept there.

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Simon vs. the Homo-Sapiens Agenda, Becky Albertalli – YFIC ALB
Sixteen-year-old, not-so-openly-gay Simon Spier is blackmailed into playing wing-man for his classmate or else his sexual identity–and that of his pen pal–will be revealed.

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The Princess Bride, William Goldman – YFIC GOL
A classic swashbuckling romance retells the tale of a drunken swordsman and a gentle giant who come to the aid of Westley, a handsome farm boy, and Buttercup, a princess in dire need of rescue from the evil schemers surrounding her.


Giant Days, Volume 1, John Allison – YFIC ALL
Susan, Esther, and Daisy started at university three weeks ago and became fast friends. Now, away from home for the first time, all three want to reinvent themselves. But in the face of hand-wringing boys, “personal experimentation,” holiday balls, nu-chauvinism, and the willful, unwanted intrusion of “academia,” they may be lucky just to make it to spring alive.

TAB Recommends

Here are some spooky books our TAB members have read and loved in the past few weeks. We’ve included the call number so you can come and get them at Reston Regional Library! All summaries taken from Novelist.


Lord of the Flies, William Golding – FIC GOL

The classic study of human nature which depicts the degeneration of a group of schoolboys marooned on a desert island.


Stalking Jack the Ripper, Kerri Maniscalco – YMYS MAN

A gothic murder mystery set in gritty Victorian-era London, where an intrepid society girl finds herself embroiled in the investigation of a serial killer known as Jack the Ripper.




Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, Ransom Riggs – YFIC RIG

After a family tragedy, Jacob feels compelled to explore an abandoned orphanage on an island off the coast of Wales, discovering disturbing facts about the children who were kept there.


The Last Magician, Lisa Maxwell – YSF MAX

In modern day New York, magic is all but extinct. The remaining few who have an affinity for magic—the Mageus—live in the shadows, hiding who they are from the Brink, a dark energy barrier that confines them to the island. Crossing it means losing their power—and often their lives. Esta is a talented thief. And all of Esta’s training has been for one final job: traveling back to 1902 to steal an ancient book containing the secrets of the Order—and the Brink—before the Magician can destroy it and doom the Mageus to a hopeless future.



Ghosts By Gaslight: Stories of Steampunk and Supernatural Suspense, ed. Jack Dann and Nick Gevers – FIC 808.83 G

A collection of steampunk and supernatural tales that breathes new life into the Victorian and Edwardian ghost story for a new generation of readers.


The Girl on the Train, Paula Hawkins – FIC HAW

Rachel is a washed-up thirty-something who creates a fantasy about the seemingly perfect couple she sees during her daily train ride into London. When the woman goes missing, Rachel manages to insert herself into the investigation of the woman’s disappearance.



Frankenstein, Mary Shelley – FIC SHE

A monster assembled by a scientist from parts of dead bodies develops a mind of his own as he learns to loathe himself and hate his creator.


The Radium Girls: The Dark Story of America’s Shining Women, Kate Moore – 363.1799 M 2017

This is the story of hundreds of young, vibrant women who were sentenced to death by their employers. The so-called “Radium Girls” painted luminescent faces on clock and watch dials using a paint mixture that contained radium. Instructed to “lip-point” their brushes as they painted, they absorbed high doses of radium into their bodies. When the effects of the radium led to horrific disfigurement and pain, the company refused to take responsibility.


The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Douglas Adams

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy shows a refreshing change to the topic of aliens on Earth. Many of the more popular media show them to be one race of malevolent creatures that are determined to destroy Earth. It shows the readers a different way of thinking about extraterrestrial beings. That, despite many popular depictions of them, not all of them want to bring the downfall of Earth and that, they too, have lives of their own.

Furthermore, reactions from the characters to events in the book are those that the readers can connect with. Arthur Dent’s reaction to the entire experience, whether it is about his house being destroyed or being dragged through the cosmos, is realistic and relatable to the readers. Although the first few chapters are slow and may bore, it picks up when the adventure does.

An intriguing part of the story is that there is no single antagonist that stays for the entire duration of the book. At the begin, it appears like it may be the Vogons. But as the story progresses, it shifts over so that the antagonists are the mice. Although I prefer having one person being the large force against the protagonist throughout the book, this is a welcome difference.

The idea of the story being driven by the very question of life itself is fascinating. It’s made all the better when the answer is but a number and the question isn’t given. It can be humorous as it isn’t simple, even for things as intelligent as a supercomputer, to comprehend the meaning of life. It could be interpreted as sending a message that it could be one of the questions that may never be answered and that we could be content with not knowing at all.