A Field Guide for Heartbreakers by Kristen Tracy published by Sanjay Aiyer

According to Dessy’s best friend Veronica, there are two types of people in the world: the
heartbreakers and the heartbroken. Veronica is obviously a heartbreaker and Dessy’s heartbroken
– especially since she just got dumped – but Dessy has always wanted to be more like Veronica.
To be carefree and wild and not worry about what other people think but she can’t seem to do it.
So their writer's workshop in Prague is the perfect time for Dessy to break out of her shell, and
maybe finally get over her ex by finding a hot European guy.
As things start to heat up in Prague with a psycho roommate out to get Veronica and a
wall of hot boys, Dessy starts to lose sense of who she is. She realizes that she’s not Veronica
and that she needs to find her own way in this unfamiliar environment. As friendships fall apart
and guys start to fall into Dessy’s lap, she needs to figure out who she is and what she wants out
of this trip.
A Field Guide for Heartbreakers is the perfect adventure with a summer fling. Reading
this book you will fall in love with Dessy and root for her through her crazy adventures. Kristen
Tracy perfectly combines teenage romance into finding one’s self and teaches us an important
lesson that shows us the way to one’s heart: be yourself.


You Asked For Perfect by Laura Silverman published by Sanjay Aiyer

Ariel Stone is the perfect candidate for Harvard: expected valedictorian, volunteer,
dedicated synagogue member, and first chair violin. He spends all of his time on his school work
and is left with practically no time for friends. When Ariel unexpectedly fails a calculus quiz, he
must ask his long-time family friend and classmate Amir to help him study. As Amir helps Ariel
get back on track, Ariel discovers an underlying feeling for Amir that doesn’t have anything to
do with math.
Ariel feels at home with Amir and he knows that he should focus, but he can’t help it.
However, as college application deadlines loom and classes get more rigorous, Ariel must decide
if his new relationship is putting too much on himself. What is the true cost of perfection?
You Asked for Perfect is the perfect novel for anyone struggling in life and not giving
themselves a break. Falling into Ariel’s life shows you how important forgiving yourself and
giving yourself space is when you are being pushed into perfection. Laura Silverman perfectly
captures the feelings of an overwhelmed student and she helps you find a way out of the mess of
high school.

Windfall by Jennifer E. Smith published by Sanjay Aiyer

Alice has had the worst luck. So much so that she doesn’t believe in it anymore. However,
she still believes in love. Especially in her love for Teddy, her best friend. As a joke, Alice buys
Teddy a lottery ticket for his 18th birthday. Using numbers that mean something to them,
somehow, Teddy actually wins. Not just a few dollars, but the whole jackpot! At first, everything
seems amazing and like nothing could go wrong. That is until Alice realizes that there’s such
thing as a lottery curse.
As Teddy gets more and more wrapped up in the money, Alice can feel him drifting away
from her and starts to wonder if hitting the jackpot was such a good thing. With people taking
advantage of Teddy and using Alice in the process, she needs to figure out a way to get out of the
mess of the money and how to get Teddy back.
Windfall is the perfect book for anyone trying to find love or luck. Reading this book you
will ache for Alice through her heartbreak and cheer for her during her triumphs. Jennifer E.
Smith has written a beautiful novel about the struggles of growing up and learning how to take
on responsibility.

The Goodbye Summer by Sarah Van Name submitted by Sanjay Aiyer

Caroline is spending her summer working at the local aquarium gift shop instead of
hanging out with her friends. After all, she and her boyfriend Jake are going to need the money
when they run away together at the end of the summer. Caroline can’t wait! So she is content to
spend the rest of her summer saving up money and dreaming of a life with the boy she is sure is
meant for her.
While working at the aquarium, Caroline meets Georgia, a camp counselor. Immediately
the two hit it off and Caroline’s world changes. Through daily pizza, spending every evening
together, and talking of what could be, Georgia shows Caroline that maybe she could have a
different life. After all, Jake doesn’t need to be her life. As the summer comes to a close,
Caroline is torn. She knows she will have to say goodbye to someone, and she’s not sure she’s
strong enough to say goodbye to anyone. Who can she survive without?
The Goodbye Summer is a heart-warming book about the meaning of true friendship and
finding your place. Sarah Van Name has given us a beautiful book that can be your guide to your
heart. Reading this book you will watch as Caroline discovers herself, and maybe you will find
your place alongside with her.

Elena Vanishing by : Elena and Clare B. Dunkle- Posted by Sanjay Aiyer

Elena has an eating disorder. Everyone around her is telling her that, but she doesn’t
believe it. All she knows is that they’re jealous of her. They’re jealous of her body, of herself
control. Elena knows that she should be proud of herself but she can’t. Not with this voice in her
head. The voice that always tells her that she’s not good enough. That she’s not skinny enough,
that she’s too ugly, and that everything is her fault.
Elena goes about her life until her body starts to break down and she’s sent from one
hospital to another, all over the country. As she finally starts to accept that that voice within her
is evil and she can’t listen to it anymore, Elena has to revisit something painful that she’s hidden
for a long time. As she starts to recover, Elena relearns important lessons about family and love,
and she realizes that the thing she needs most of all is to love herself.
elena vanishing is the story of a girl who wears her fear as armor and doesn’t let anyone
in. Reading this book you will learn to love Elena as she learns to love herself. You will cry and
laugh with her and overall, enjoy watching her grow as a person. Elena and Clare B. Dunkle
have given us a memoir we will never forget.

The Secret Language of Sisters by Luanne Rice- Posted by Sanjay Aiyer

Roo and Tilly are sisters and best friends. Tilly has always been jealous of her perfect
older sister, until one day when Roo sends a text message while driving and flips her car. Roo
bends up in the hospital, paralyzed. Everyone believes she is in a coma when Roo actually has
locked-in syndrome; she can see and hear everything that’s going on without anyone knowing.
When Tilly figures that out, everything changes. Roo suddenly has a chance at returning to
school and maybe even fix things with her boyfriend, Newton. The only problem is that Tilly and
Newton seem to be drifting closer and closer together. With Roo mad at both of them, but having
no way to tell them, her treatments start going downhill. That is until a new doctor comes in and
gives Roo a chance to speak again. Will Roo take it?
The Secret Language of Sisters is a heart-wrenching novel that gives you an inside look at the
bond between siblings. No matter what, they will always be together. In alternating chapters of
Tilly and Roo’s points of view, Luanne Rice has written a beautiful novel about the true strength
it takes to speak your mind, even when it might hurt the ones you love most.

Calling all writers!

Calling all writers!
Do you have a story inside you, clawing to get out? Do you like making up worlds and characters and setting them loose on each other? Do you want to share your writing with the world?
Well, we want to see it. Submit your work to the Reston Regional Library Teen Advisory Board’s writing contest!

Submission Guidelines:
1) Write a story or poem inspired by our prompt, the image below. Stories and poems should be no longer than two thousand words.
2) Submit your work to restonlibtab@gmail.com by August 1st, 2019. Please attach your work as a Word document (not a Googledoc). Please also use the subject line “TAB Writing Contest: [Title of Work]” and include your name and contact information in the body of the email.
3) We’ll contact you by August 15th to tell you if you’ve won!
4) (Optional) Let us know in your submission email if you’d like feedback on your work. We’ll give that to you by August 15th as well.

1st Prize: 75$ Amazon gift card
2nd Prize: 50$ Amazon gift card
3rd Prize: 25$ Amazon gift card


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Image Description: A girl with brown hair tied up in a bun, sitting at a booth in a restaurant with four beverages on her table. She is bent over with slumped shoulders and head drooping down.
The floor has checkered tiles and the booths are red and black with tables.