Book Review: One Dark Throne, Kendare Blake

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After the indelible events of the quickening, it seems that all sisters have a good chance to win the crown. Katherine, the once weak sister, is now stronger than ever after returning from her mysterious disappearance. Meanwhile, Arsinoe is attempting to hide her secret talent and trying to figure out how she can use it to her advantage. Lastly, Mirabella, no longer the chosen queen, is faced with attacks that not only put her in danger, but those around her. As this Ascension year begins, all sisters are put to the test to see who will be the next queen of Fennbirn.

One Dark Throne is a thrilling and suspenseful tale of sisterhood, love, betrayal, and family. Right off the bat the story continues where it left off from the first book, Three Dark Crowns, which left its readers on the edge of their seats. This book is for anyone who loves a rich story full of unexpected twists and an extraordinarily built world full of magic.

Book Review: 500 Words or Less, Juleah Del Rosario

500 words

Nic had everything under control. That is until her boyfriend transferred to a different school because she cheated on him. With his best friend. Now, everything is spiraling out of control and Nic doesn’t know what to do. So when the opportunity comes up to write other people’s college essays, Nic jumps at the chance. She figures, maybe it will help her forget herself.
What Nic doesn’t know is that as she writes the stories of other people’s lives, she’ll discover things she never knew about her own story. Things she isn’t sure she wants to share with the world. As secrets fly and Nic’s life turns upside down again, she loses sight of who she really is and why she started writing the essays in the first place. Will Nic be able to find where she is meant to be?
500 Words or Less is a creative representation of the amount of stress students have placed on them today. Reading this book will make you feel less alone and will help you realize that everyone is going through the same thing, and that everyone deals with stress differently. Juleah Del Rosario perfectly captures the essence of high school students and 500 Words or Less is a great book for anyone feeling lost or anyone who just needs a laugh.

Book Review: The Foreseeable Future, Emily Adrian

the foreseeable future

After graduation, Audrey’s always had one plan: attend the college that both of her parents work at. The problem is Audrey has never really wanted to go to Whedon, but she’s not quite sure what she wants to do instead. All she knows is that she needs a summer job. When she finds one for a Certifiable Nurse Assistant at a nursing home, Audrey takes the course and discovers that she loves being a nurse. Plus, there’s the benefit of your coworker being an extremely attractive guy.

As the summer goes on, Audrey and Seth connect in ways she’d never imagined and Audrey is happier than she’s been in a long time. She realizes that being a nurse might be the job she wants to do for the rest of her life. When an opening comes up in Seattle, the city of her dreams, Audrey can’t pass it by. Even as her friends start to fade away and her family is going through tough times of their own, she and Seth fight to stay together. Will Audrey end up with the job of her dreams or the boy of her dreams?

The Foreseeable Future is a joyful book that expresses the freedom and fear that encompass you as you make a big decision. Anyone who’s ever made a decision they know is right for them, even if others don’t approve, will instantly connect with Audrey. Emily Adrian has written a gorgeous telling of a girl who knows what she wants and will do anything to get there.

Book Review: The Hate U Give, Angie Thomas


Starr lives in the ghetto. She knows it and she’s proud of it. The problem is, she can’t be proud of it at Williamson. Her white school. To help with that, Starr has created two versions of herself – Williamson Starr and ghetto Starr. Every day she has to hide who she truly is at school until it becomes too confusing and Starr isn’t sure who she is. Then something happens that forces Starr to find out who she truly is and how brave she is, deep inside. One night, as she’s driving home from a party, she and her friend Khalil get pulled over. Starr goes home hysterical over Khalil who had just been killed by Officer 115.
As Starr starts to come to her senses, she realizes how wrong what happened was. Khalil had been doing nothing wrong. She finally concludes that the only thing he had done was to be black. Starr is outraged and is soon approached by a local lawyer who wants to help Starr as the incident is being investigated. With everything falling apart both at Williamson and at home, Starr hopes for the best with the cop. However, when the grand jury doesn’t indict Officer 115, Starr discovers how much strength it takes to speak up and fight for everything she believes in.
The Hate U Give is a thought-provoking novel about the cruelty and racism still in the world today. This book will open your eyes to things you’ve never even seen before and make you think about the differences that separate us today – after all, are we all that different? Reading this book will make you fall in love with Starr and her inner strength. Angie Thomas has written a truly inspirational book that will have everyone fighting back.

Book Review: Everything, Everything, by Nicola Yoon


Madeline Whittier is sick. So sick that she can’t step foot outside for fear of contracting something. Everything in her house is sterile with no risk of contamination. Basically she’s allergic to the world. Madeline’s happy with her life, as she knows nothing else. She gets her schoolwork done, reads books, and hangs out with her mom and her nurse. There’s only one problem: new neighbors moved in.

Olly and Maddy hit it off right away. Even without being able to talk to each other or meet each other in real life, they find ways to communicate, such as IMing, or writing on windows. Maddy is entranced with a life she never knew she could have. Slowly but surely, they become close. Close enough that Maddy’s nurse lets Olly into the house with a strict warning – no touching. Maddy decides that she is willing to risk it all for a chance at something she could never have. When a sudden change in plans turns everything upside down, Maddy and Olly must decide; is love worth it?

Everything, Everything is a beautiful story that shows exactly how it feels to have everything you need but to never feel sustained. Follow Olly and Maddy’s story as they long for each other and discover the true meaning of heartache. As they fall in love slowly and then all at once. You will cry with them and laugh with them, and most of all, you will thank Nicola Yoon for bringing this amazing story to life.

Book Review: Spoiled, Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan


Molly is a normal teenage girl. That is until her mother dies and the truth comes out. Molly’s dad is Brick Berlin, the famous movie star. Her life is flipped upside down when she moves halfway across the country to Beverly Hills to live with her newly discovered father and sister, Brooke. Things get interesting as Molly discovers that Brooke hates her with a burning passion and will do anything to stay in the spotlight – with both the paparazzi and her dad.

Molly thought that teenage drama was the same everywhere, but apparently not. When things take a turn for the worst with Brooke, Molly may need to rethink her approach at life here. With logic flying out the window, she finds new friends, both popular and not, and Molly discovers that maybe the best thing in the world isn’t to be famous.

Spoiled is a truthful novel about what it’s like to be a teenager anywhere in the world. Everyone will be able to connect to it and laugh along with Molly and Brooke as they struggle to be sisters. Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan have written is hilarious and honest. Any teen who is struggling to find themselves will enjoy Spoiled.

Book Review: Before I Fall, Lauren Oliver



Samantha Kingsley has a perfect life. She’s one of the most popular girls in her school, she’s dating the hot quarterback, and everyone loves her. Or so she thinks. Just like with everything, there are downsides to her popularity. Sam and her friends make fun of people, especially Juliet – aka Psycho. Deep down Sam knows it’s wrong but she isn’t willing to risk her perfect life just to stand up for some Psycho girl.

One night, on the way back from a party on February 12th, Sam dies in a car crash. Somehow, she wakes up again in the morning – but it’s February 12th again. Sam stumbles through the day in a daze, confused. When the same thing happens that night again, Sam wakes up on February 12th. For seven days, Sam relives that one day, until she finally comes to a realization about what she’s supposed to do. With secrets abound and friendships on the line, Sam needs to not only save herself but Juliet as well.

Before I Fall is a stunning recollection of a teenager just trying to survive in high school and figuring out who she truly is. Lauren Oliver beautifully describes what it’s like to feel lost and have nowhere to go. Reading this book, you will ache for Sam and Juliet, laugh and cry along with them, and discover the meaning of true friendship.