TAB Service Opportunities

Summer Reading

TAB would like your help to create the recommended reading list for summer reading this year! The books recommended should be books that you have read that you REALLY enjoyed. Make sure the books were published in the past two years (2019-2020), and they should already be owned by the library. Adaptations of books that have been previously published count as well if they were published in the aforementioned time frame. Please write a a very brief summary of what the book is about, and if the book is part of a series, talk a small amount about the series as well. These lists are due by January 10th.

Calming Crafts Video Series

The library is considering creating a Calming Crafts video series by teens, for teens! If you do a craft that helps you relax and de-stress, make a video (under 15 minutes) that shows how to do that craft! If the library decides to go forward with this series, the videos will be published on YouTube. Service hours will be given as long as a video is made. There is no current deadline, but the sooner, the better!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the TAB Coordinator!


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