Review: The Cruel Prince by Holly Black

At the age of seven, Jude and her sisters were stolen away from the only life they knew by the man who murdered their parents. Taken to the High Court of Faerie, they grow up there, reminiscing about the human world. Ten years later, all Jude wants is to belong, but of course,
that isn’t possible as fey hate humans and use them as pets. The only way to belong in the courts is to enter the tournament and become a knight. With her sisters and ten years of training at her side, what could go wrong?

           Well, it turns out the answer is everything. Their “father” won’t let Jude enter the tournament, and what’s more, is that the youngest prince has taken a special interest in Jude – and not in a good way. Prince Cardan and his friends have taken it upon themselves to make Jude’s life as miserable as possible. So when Jude has to go against him, she must learn to face
the consequences of her actions.

           In this classic enemies to lovers story, Holly Black has created a world with hidden beauty, a world that Jude must now save. The Cruel Prince will test your patience as you wait to learn what the land of fey has in store for your new favorite character.


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