TAB Recommends: August 2020

compilation and summaries by Emma Shacochis; titles recommended by members of the Board

Despite having to miss this month’s meeting, TAB members still decided to share what we’ve been reading and enjoying this August!

The Zeroes trilogy, by Deborah Biancotti, Margo Lanagan, and Scott Westerfeld

Six teenagers, all possessing their own unique superpower, must learn to work as a team to keep the normal world safe – from themselves.

The Candymakers, by Wendy Mass

A boarding school for spies, a boy who speaks backwards, and candy harmonicas abound in this mouthwateringly magical tale of friendship, secrets, and lots of candy.

The Nowhere Girls, by Amy Reed

In a moving tale of female friendship and empowerment, three girls team up to bring change to the passive treatment of sexual assault at their school.

Read Between the Lines, by Jo Knowles

A small-town high school sees its fair share of drama over the course of a single day, through the perspectives of nine very different teenagers.

Things We Know By Heart, by Jessi Kirby

After her boyfriend dies in an accident, Quinn goes out of her way to find the recipients of his organ donations.

Red, White, & Royal Blue, by Casey McQuiston

After rivaling one another for years, the First Son and the prince of England find themselves thrown into a media-friendly friendship that gradually evolves into more.

A Court of Thorns and Roses, by Sarah J. Maas

In an action-packed retelling of Beauty and the Beast, a mortal girl, Feyre, finds herself kidnapped to a fighting for survival in the world of faeries after accidentally killing a High Fae.

The Young Elites, by Marie Lu

In a dystopian future ravaged by a plague, the scarred survivor children have the potential to develop magical abilities. Adelina Amouteru, a girl with the ability to create illusions, is invited to join the ranks of the Young Elites, a group who work to protect the rights of malfettos (children who survived the plague), and to put Enzo, another Elite, back on the throne.

An Enchantment of Ravens, by Margaret Rogerson

Isobel makes her living as an artist for the immortal, cursed creatures: the Fair Folk. But when she makes an error in a portrait of Prince Rook, she’s forced to stand trial in his kingdom, which they find to be torn by violence and betrayal.

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