Missing The Teen Section at Reston? Check Out What’s On Display Now!

by Emma Shacochis

For the past few months, it’s been hard to get out of the house – even for something essential as finding summer reading! Luckily, if you feel like spending your last month before the online-school-year begins, Reston Regional’s Teen Advisory Board has plenty of recommendations to keep your imagination busy all August long.

On our displays, you get the chance to judge a book by its cover – or at least its cover’s color palette. If you want to spice up your reading and get your heart beating, try Steampunk!, Puddin’, or All of This is True. If you’d prefer to slow down and relax by the pool, The Names They Gave Us, Hush, or The Chaos of Standing Still may be more your speed.


On our little board, you can see the results of an incredibly important poll: Reston reader’s favorite books! There’s still time to visit the teen section and have your voice heard by submitting your own pick. Here are a few of the hit books that Reston’s readers are revering:

Check back later this week to see the newest YA books that have hit Reston Regional’s shelves! Until then, happy reading, and some words of wisdom that can be found among the teen section’s shelves:



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