The Prom – Saundra Mitchell

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The thing that Emma Nolan and her girlfriend, Alyssa Greene, want most of all is to
dance together and share a special moment at their senior prom. A few problems are standing in their way: for one, they live in a super small, conservative town in Indiana, and two, Alyssa’s not out yet and her mom is the PTA director. When the town finds out that Emma is planning to bring a girl (name unknown) as her prom date, the community, specifically the PTA, starts to fight against this so-called “homosexual prom.”
When Barry Glickman and Dee Dee Allen hear about Emma and come to help, however,
everything changes. With these two major Broadway stars on Emma’s side, suddenly there are two sides to the story, not just one. When prom comes around, it seems that maybe Emma will get to go with her girlfriend after all! But when things turn drastically wrong and it turns out Alyssa’s mom is behind it, will things ever be the same between the two? Will Alyssa find a way to fix her relationship with both her girlfriend and her mother?
In this heartwarming novel based on the hit Broadway musical, The Prom is a sweet story of love winning out, no matter the conditions. Saundra Mitchell perfectly transcribes the Broadway show into a book that will teach you important life lessons and have you screaming “Encore!” for more.


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