In A Perfect World – Trish Doller

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Caroline Kelly has her whole summer figured out. It’s her last summer before senior year and she’s ready to spend as much of it as she can with her best friend and boyfriend. When Caroline’s mother is suddenly offered her dream job in Cairo, Egypt, Caroline’s whole life is flipped upside down. Instead of spending the summer at the waterpark and soccer camp, she now has to travel to a new, foreign country where she doesn’t know the language or anyone there.

At first, Caroline spends her time hiding away in her room, wistfully video chatting her friends back home and wishing things were different. But when a cute, English speaking boy named Adam shows up at her house, she starts to venture out of her apartment into the cradle of civilization where she discovers how different life is for people in Egypt. She starts learning more about culture and she’s shocked by how sheltered she’s been her whole life. When things start to spin out of control, Caroline finds herself leaning on Adam more and more until she discovers feelings she never knew she had.

In A Perfect World is a tale of discovering a different part of the world and finding yourself in places you never thought you would. Trish Doller shares with us a gorgeous novel of love and privilege that will change your view point of the world forever.


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