You Asked For Perfect by Laura Silverman (published by Sanjay Aiyer)

Ariel Stone is the perfect candidate for Harvard: expected valedictorian, volunteer,
dedicated synagogue member, and first chair violin. He spends all of his time on his school work and is left with practically no time for friends. When Ariel unexpectedly fails a calculus quiz, he must ask his long-time family friend and classmate Amir to help him study. As Amir helps Ariel get back on track, Ariel discovers an underlying feeling for Amir that doesn’t have anything to do with math.
Ariel feels at home with Amir and he knows that he should focus, but he can’t help it. However, as college application deadlines loom and classes get more rigorous, Ariel must decide if his new relationship is putting too much on himself. What is the true cost of perfection?
You Asked for Perfect is the perfect novel for anyone struggling in life and not giving
themselves a break. Falling into Ariel’s life shows you how important forgiving yourself and giving yourself space is when you are being pushed into perfection. Laura Silverman perfectly captures the feelings of an overwhelmed student and she helps you find a way out of the mess of high school.


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