Windfall by Jennifer E. Smith (published by Sanjay Aiyer)

Alice has had the worst luck. So much so that she doesn’t believe in it anymore. However,
she still believes in love. Especially in her love for Teddy, her best friend. As a joke, Alice buys Teddy a lottery ticket for his 18th birthday. Using numbers that mean something to them, somehow, Teddy actually wins. Not just a few dollars, but the whole jackpot! At first, everything seems amazing and like nothing could go wrong. That is until Alice realizes that there’s such thing as a lottery curse.
As Teddy gets more and more wrapped up in the money, Alice can feel him drifting away
from her and starts to wonder if hitting the jackpot was such a good thing. With people taking advantage of Teddy and using Alice in the process, she needs to figure out a way to get out of the mess of the money and how to get Teddy back.
Windfall is the perfect book for anyone trying to find love or luck. Reading this book you
will ache for Alice through her heartbreak and cheer for her during her triumphs. Jennifer E. Smith has written a beautiful novel about the struggles of growing up and learning how to take on responsibility.


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