The Goodbye Summer by Sarah Van Name (submitted by Sanjay Aiyer)

Caroline is spending her summer working at the local aquarium gift shop instead of
hanging out with her friends. After all, she and her boyfriend Jake are going to need the money when they run away together at the end of the summer. Caroline can’t wait! So she is content to spend the rest of her summer saving up money and dreaming of a life with the boy she is sure is meant for her.
While working at the aquarium, Caroline meets Georgia, a camp counselor. Immediately
the two hit it off and Caroline’s world changes. Through daily pizza, spending every evening together, and talking of what could be, Georgia shows Caroline that maybe she could have a different life. After all, Jake doesn’t need to be her life. As the summer comes to a close, Caroline is torn. She knows she will have to say goodbye to someone, and she’s not sure she’s strong enough to say goodbye to anyone. Who can she survive without?
The Goodbye Summer is a heart-warming book about the meaning of true friendship and
finding your place. Sarah Van Name has given us a beautiful book that can be your guide to your heart. Reading this book you will watch as Caroline discovers herself, and maybe you will find your place alongside with her.


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