The Secret Language of Sisters by Luanne Rice (Posted by Sanjay Aiyer)

Roo and Tilly are sisters and best friends. Tilly has always been jealous of her perfect
older sister, until one day when Roo sends a text message while driving and flips her car. Roo
bends up in the hospital, paralyzed. Everyone believes she is in a coma when Roo actually has
locked-in syndrome; she can see and hear everything that’s going on without anyone knowing.
When Tilly figures that out, everything changes. Roo suddenly has a chance at returning to
school and maybe even fix things with her boyfriend, Newton. The only problem is that Tilly and
Newton seem to be drifting closer and closer together. With Roo mad at both of them, but having
no way to tell them, her treatments start going downhill. That is until a new doctor comes in and
gives Roo a chance to speak again. Will Roo take it?
The Secret Language of Sisters is a heart-wrenching novel that gives you an inside look at the
bond between siblings. No matter what, they will always be together. In alternating chapters of
Tilly and Roo’s points of view, Luanne Rice has written a beautiful novel about the true strength
it takes to speak your mind, even when it might hurt the ones you love most.


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