Book Review: 500 Words or Less, Juleah Del Rosario

500 words

Nic had everything under control. That is until her boyfriend transferred to a different school because she cheated on him. With his best friend. Now, everything is spiraling out of control and Nic doesn’t know what to do. So when the opportunity comes up to write other people’s college essays, Nic jumps at the chance. She figures, maybe it will help her forget herself.
What Nic doesn’t know is that as she writes the stories of other people’s lives, she’ll discover things she never knew about her own story. Things she isn’t sure she wants to share with the world. As secrets fly and Nic’s life turns upside down again, she loses sight of who she really is and why she started writing the essays in the first place. Will Nic be able to find where she is meant to be?
500 Words or Less is a creative representation of the amount of stress students have placed on them today. Reading this book will make you feel less alone and will help you realize that everyone is going through the same thing, and that everyone deals with stress differently. Juleah Del Rosario perfectly captures the essence of high school students and 500 Words or Less is a great book for anyone feeling lost or anyone who just needs a laugh.


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