Book Review: Everything, Everything, by Nicola Yoon


Madeline Whittier is sick. So sick that she can’t step foot outside for fear of contracting something. Everything in her house is sterile with no risk of contamination. Basically she’s allergic to the world. Madeline’s happy with her life, as she knows nothing else. She gets her schoolwork done, reads books, and hangs out with her mom and her nurse. There’s only one problem: new neighbors moved in.

Olly and Maddy hit it off right away. Even without being able to talk to each other or meet each other in real life, they find ways to communicate, such as IMing, or writing on windows. Maddy is entranced with a life she never knew she could have. Slowly but surely, they become close. Close enough that Maddy’s nurse lets Olly into the house with a strict warning – no touching. Maddy decides that she is willing to risk it all for a chance at something she could never have. When a sudden change in plans turns everything upside down, Maddy and Olly must decide; is love worth it?

Everything, Everything is a beautiful story that shows exactly how it feels to have everything you need but to never feel sustained. Follow Olly and Maddy’s story as they long for each other and discover the true meaning of heartache. As they fall in love slowly and then all at once. You will cry with them and laugh with them, and most of all, you will thank Nicola Yoon for bringing this amazing story to life.


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