Book Review: Before I Fall, Lauren Oliver



Samantha Kingsley has a perfect life. She’s one of the most popular girls in her school, she’s dating the hot quarterback, and everyone loves her. Or so she thinks. Just like with everything, there are downsides to her popularity. Sam and her friends make fun of people, especially Juliet – aka Psycho. Deep down Sam knows it’s wrong but she isn’t willing to risk her perfect life just to stand up for some Psycho girl.

One night, on the way back from a party on February 12th, Sam dies in a car crash. Somehow, she wakes up again in the morning – but it’s February 12th again. Sam stumbles through the day in a daze, confused. When the same thing happens that night again, Sam wakes up on February 12th. For seven days, Sam relives that one day, until she finally comes to a realization about what she’s supposed to do. With secrets abound and friendships on the line, Sam needs to not only save herself but Juliet as well.

Before I Fall is a stunning recollection of a teenager just trying to survive in high school and figuring out who she truly is. Lauren Oliver beautifully describes what it’s like to feel lost and have nowhere to go. Reading this book, you will ache for Sam and Juliet, laugh and cry along with them, and discover the meaning of true friendship.


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