Book Review: The Cellar, Natasha Preston



Summer is just a normal teenager. One day as she’s walking to a club, Clover approaches her and soon kidnaps her. Summer is taken to his cellar where three other girls (or flowers) wait – Rose, Violet, and Poppy. However, these are not their real names. They are the names given to them by Clover. Summer will soon join them as Lily to create the family that Clover aspires to have. Clover’s perfect flowers.

For months, Lily is trapped down there. She sees many murders and disturbing things. She starts to lose track of who she really is and what it’s like outside in the world. She starts to wonder; is Summer is gone forever? Lily needs to get out of there soon. After all, flowers can’t survive long underground and time is running out…

Follow the story of Lily, a courageous young woman who just wants to get out. She just wants to see her family again. The Cellar is a heart-wrenching, page-turning novel, that shows us how to stay strong in times of desperation. Natasha Preston beautifully describes what it’s like to see horrific scenes every day. Reading this book, you will discover how strong you truly are, and if you could survive the cellar.


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