The Sun Is Also A Star: Book Review

Image result for the sun is also a star book cover and movie poster

The Sun is Also a Star by Nicola Yoon, is about Daniel, a Korean American boy who is getting ready for an interview for Yale (a school that he isn’t sure that he wants to go to) and who just happens to cross paths with Natasha, a Jamaican-American girl who came to America illegally with her parents and is on the verge of being deported. The two end up in what seems like a doomed romance based on both of their circumstances. Throughout the novel Natasha and Daniel have many philosophical discussions about religion in relation to science;dreams in relation to reality; and what it is like to lose all hope. This book also highlights the difficulties that come with moving away from your native country and why many people may choose to make that decision. This book was heartfelt and fascinating in the way that it tackled these topics and it was heartbreaking knowing how their relationship would end. In fact I was nearly moved to tears at the ending of this amazing book. There is so much more that I could say about this book, but I will leave that for you to find when you read it. I would highly recommend this book to others as it masterfully tackles such difficult topics as I mentioned above and leaves us with the endearing message that sometimes all one can do is never lose hope.


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