Love Fortunes and Other Disasters Review

By Kimberly Karalius


Review by Emma Shacochis

Love Fortunes and Other Disasters begins as an anti-romantic comedy. The heroine, Fallon Dupree, is excited to attend high school in the town of Grimbaud, known for Zita’s Love Charms Shop that gives every visitor a love fortune. However, on her first day, Fallon discovers her fortune isn’t very sweet – her love will never be requited. While Fallon is initially disheartened by this fortune, she soon joins forces with a group of fellow scorned romantics. Their plan to prove their fortunes wrong proves equal parts zany, dangerous, and romantic.

The book features a handful of evolving relationships between its characters, even the ones predicted never to fall in love. Fallon develops an unexpected friendship – and, naturally, something more – with her dorm-mate Sebastian; their adventures to find love charms together are heartwarming. Outside of romantic relationships, Fallon is an optimistic and endearing lead, as she helps her friends out with their budding relationships and tries to become someone besides what Zita’s fortune and her family tell her she is. The magical realism aspects of the book were surprising, but the way that charms advanced the plot was incredibly unique.

Whether or not you believe in love, Love Fortunes and Other Disasters is an adventurous and exciting story about find happiness outside of the labels that others give you.


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