Designing Your Life

Designing Your Life by Bill Burnett and Dave Evans

Reviewed by Gabi L.

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Designing Your Life is written by two college professors, Bill Burnett and Dave Evans, who have created a college course, and now a book, that teaches students (no matter what age) how to create and live a life of enjoyment. One point that the authors make very clear is to know where you are right now by reflecting on the current levels of your core areas of life: health, work, play, and love. Knowing where are currently, helps to clearly define where it is you want to go, what you should improve and add more of into your everyday life, and what to start cutting out. Burnett and Evans also emphasize the importance of getting “unstuck” rather than just opting for the easiest, closest option when life is not going according to plan or when you are not happy with a situation.

Burnett and Evans offer incredible advice on building the life you want, even if you don’t have a clear picture of where you want to be or what exactly you want to do. They provide exercises throughout the book to help you during your journey to explore your desires and to build the life you want. Bill and Dave present the information needed to take hold of your life and encourage you to be held accountable by others to heighten motivation. Designing Your Life has offered me an eye-opening perspective on my life and the parts that I didn’t particularly enjoy and offered helpful advise to create my own happiness. I still am not finished with the journey, but this book has definitely pushed me in the right direction and I will continue to implement their advice.


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