Book Review: A Heart in a Body in the World, Deb Caletti

A Heart in a Body in the World

Deb Caletti


Annabelle Agnelli has a good life. She has good friends and a good family. She has all she needs in life. So, when tragedy strikes, Annabelle doesn’t know what to do but run. What else can she do when everything she cares about has been taken from her? For 2700 miles she runs. From Seattle to DC. For five months she runs away from the tragedy that follows her.  From The Taker, the boy who haunts her. From everything that she feels inside.

When Annabelle starts running, she doesn’t do it for the publicity or the attention. She does it for herself. When her run starts getting more attention, she is seen as an activist. she meets with people to show them her side of the story. Accompanied by her grandfather and backed by her self-appointed publicity team, Annabelle becomes a national icon. This would all be nice if Annabelle could escape from her past. Of course, it isn’t her fault…right?

A Heart in a Body in the World is a beautiful story about a girl who runs for self-preservation, but her story becomes so much more.


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