The Last Summer of the Garrett Girls Book Review

The Last Summer of the Garrett Girls by Jessica Spotswood

One last summer together. Des, Bea, Kat, and Vi are the Garrett sisters. These four girls
are very close, having been raised by their grandmother in a small town where everyone knows everything. They have always told each other everything, but there are more than a few secrets being kept this summer. These quirky, beautiful, red-headed sisters are about to find out what true loyalty is.

Bea has been with Erik for five years. They had planned out their whole future. Now
they are getting ready to go to Georgetown together, but Bea’s having second doubts. She
doesn’t want the same things she did when she was 13, but how does she tell Erik – not to
mention her whole family? Kat is an actress. Her boyfriend recently broke up with her, so she has devised a plan to get him back. A plan that may or may not include a fake relationship with another recently broken up with teen. Mase is bisexual and was devastated when his boyfriend broke up with him. When Kat finds herself actually falling for Mase, her life gets a little more complicated.

Des is the oldest and has always been in charge of keeping their family together. The
thing is, she feels like she’s being taken advantage of. Her whole family depends on her, but they never do anything to help. Is it wrong to want to change that? Vi is the youngest out of the sisters, and she is a proud lesbian. Vi has had a huge crush on the waitress next door – Cece. The only problem is Cece isn’t gay…. Or so Vi thought.
By the time all of the sisters think that they have figured out the solutions to their
problems, the town gossip has as well. With all of their secrets exposed, the Garrett Girls must figure out a way to keep their family together. The Last Summer of the Garrett Girls is a beautifully written story about family, love, and secrets. Always remember that you can trust your family with your life.


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