Book Review: All We Can Do Is Wait

All We Can Do Is Wait

Richard Lawson


On a cloudy morning in Boston, the Tobin Bridge collapses. The whole city is shaken, and family members’ phones start ringing to deliver the news. Four teenagers meet in the Boston General Hospital waiting room, desperate to hear news of their loved ones. Jason and Alexa wait to hear about their parents. Scott is waiting to hear news about Aimee, his girlfriend. Skyler waits to hear about her sister Kate, who is more like the mother she never had and is the one person Skyler knows she can depend on.

With tensions high, everyone is ready to explode, including Morgan, who isn’t actually there because of the collapsed bridge, but because of other devastating news that was delivered that day. These 5 teenagers lean on each other and they finally start hearing news. They each receive news, whether it’s good or bad remains unseen. When only Alexa and Jason haven’t heard anything yet, they start confiding in each other, and when the secret that Jason has hidden comes out, it may just cause the biggest accident yet.

All We Can Do Is Wait is a heart-wrenching story of what it feels like to wait to hear if your life will be torn to pieces. In chapters revolving through all five perspectives, and alternating between past and present, All We Can Do Is Wait shows you how important family and friends are, and you will learn that whatever you do, make sure you have someone you know you can lean on.


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