Book Review: Heartless


Marissa Meyer


“Murderer, Martyr, Monarch, Mad.” Which will you be? Lady Catherine Pinkerton is the most beloved girl in all of Hearts. She is admired by the whole court and the King himself. Although Catherine has all she could ever need, she wants more. You see, Cath’s passion is baking. Her dream is to open a bakery with her faithful maid and friend Mary Ann. Sweets and Tarts: The Most Wondrous Bakery in All of Hearts. Then life throws Cath a major curveball. A new Joker arrives in court. Cath is immediately taken with Jest, and after an unconventional meeting in the palace gardens, Cath can’t stop thinking about him.

When Jest takes Cath to a real tea party, she discovers what her life could be if the King wasn’t so set on marrying her. Her magical night is ruined when the Jabberwock attacks. The Jabberwock is a mystical creature that has not been seen for generations and seems to be fascinated with Catherine. After a third attack from the Jabberwock, Jest takes Cath to the treacle well, another supposed myth. The aftermath of this trip causes Jest to become a wanted man, and Lady Catherine to grudgingly accept the King’s proposal. That is until Jest comes to the rescue again. With a trip through the Looking Glass, Cath has the choice: have the perfect life, or save her best friend.

Heartless is the story of how the Queen of Hearts became heartless. The Queen of Hearts wasn’t just born that way, she was turned into the unfeeling person she is today. It might have something to do with a certain joker, mad hatter, and treacle well. When you read Heartless, you will be on the edge of your seat, waiting to see what happens next. Lady Catherine will enchant you with her delicacies, and stun you with her actions. Read Heartless to complete the Wonderland story.


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