Book Review: All Four Stars

All Four Stars

Tara Dairman


Gladys Gatsby’s dream job is to be a food critic. She cooks every day after school….without her parent’s knowledge.  When Gladys makes Crème Brulee one day, she almost burns down the kitchen, resulting in her being grounded and banned from the kitchen. With nothing else to do, Gladys spends all of her time working on a class essay. An essay that ultimately gets her hired by the country’s most prestigious newspapers – The New York Standard. Little does The Standard know, Gladys is only eleven!

Gladys’ first assignment is to review the newest dessert restaurant in New York City, Classy Cakes. Gladys must rely on her next door neighbor, Sandy Anderson and her arch nemesis, Clarissa Bentley to get her to Classy Cakes without her parents knowing. When an opportunity to go to New York City arises, Gladys and Sandy form a plan to get to Classy Cakes. When everything goes wrong, will Gladys get to keep her jobs and her new friends?

All Four Stars is the charming story of Gladys Gatsby, a brilliant baker who just has the worst luck. You will cry and cheer for Gladys, and by reading All Four Stars, you will realize that sometimes things don’t go as planned, but its usually for the best.


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