Book Review: Every Last Word

Every Last Word

Tamara Ireland Stone


Samantha McAllister has OCD. Not that hint of OCD that we all have that makes us make sure things are perfectly straight. Samantha has Purely-Obsessional OCD, and because of this, she is consumed by dark thoughts and worries that she can’t get rid of. No one knows except for her immediate family and her psychiatrist. Every Wednesday, Samantha gets to be Summer Sam for 60 minutes, a version of herself that she likes and feels comfortable in. She’s tried being Sam at school, but her friends just won’t accept it. They’re not the accepting type.

When Sam meets Caroline Madsen, she must keep this new quirky friend of hers a secret, otherwise she might become the quirky friend. Caroline takes Sam into Poet’s Corner, a hidden room beneath the school stage that is full of misfits like Caroline. Sam is taken by this close group of people, especially AJ, the good-looking, guitar playing guy who shows Sam a whole other side of herself. In this new group of friends, Sam feels more normal than she has ever felt… until something goes terribly wrong that makes her question her own sanity.

Every Last Word is the story of a girl who is attacked by her own thoughts every day and feels she has no place in this world of hers until one day she finds a place she truly belongs. You will cheer and cry for Sam, and while following her story, you will discover that love, friendship, and self-acceptance all come your way when you decide to be true to you, and no one else.


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