Book Review: They Both Die at the End

They Both Die At the End

Adam Silvera


What would you do if you were told you were going to die today? When Mateo Torrez and Rufus Emeterio receive a call telling them that they are going to die today, they both go looking for a new friend on the Last Friend App. In each other, they find themselves. They embark on a journey to figure out who they want to be on the last day of their lives.

They go places they never imagined that they would go, experience things they only dreamed about, and reconnect with some of the key people they were missing from their lives. They go on many adventures in the 22 hours between when they receive the alert that their last day has started, and the time when it all ends. When the conflict that started this all returns to do harm, Mateo and Rufus solve it like true heroes, then run off and discover what it feels like to have someone that will stay with them until the end, no matter how quickly that end comes.

In alternating chapters of Mateo’s, Rufus’, and connecting character’s perspectives, They Both Die at the End is a riveting tale about the ups and downs of life and the difference a true friend can make. When you read They Both Die at the End, you will be sure to cry, for this story of two friends who change each other’s worlds in one day will pull at your heartstrings the whole time you read it.


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