3 Great Self-Help Books for Teenagers

By Sanchya Kansal

I will not procrastinate during this upcoming school year.

I will find time during my day to spend on other activities.

I need to save up my money to buy something important.

Do you find yourself saying these things sometimes? Want to get some helpful advice on how you can enhance your lifestyle? Pick out a self-help book that gives you a perfect solution to your problem! Self-help books are great for guiding you to the right direction and giving you some perspective on common issues that teenagers of today’s age face. I was astounded by the numerous solutions that they provided; thus, helping me transform into a more efficient person. These books include various suggestions from people like you who once faced similar problems but were able to fix them. Do yourself a good deed and find the right self-book for you! It is never too late to improve a certain aspect of your personality and life. Hopefully, the following books may help you get there.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens- Sean Covey 

This ultimate teenage self-help book will show you the path to success with simple tips and tweaks. Adapted to be relatable to the average teenager, the step-by-step process of achieving self-esteem and success becomes far more in reach. It applies its principles to the life-changing decisions that teens face as well as the revolutionizing digital life of teens. Talking about issues such as self-image, relationships with your parents and friends, cyberbullying, achieving goals, it provides teens with commentary on many issues that they face.


Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul: Stories of Life, Love and Learning

Becoming a teenager and assuming the responsibilities of an “almost” adult is difficult but is possible. This book consists of 101 stories that you will relate to and get motivation from while crying and laughing. You will shockingly find that there are several other teenagers out there that face similar problems as you. It won’t leave you in the dark by yourself but will shine some light on your problems and provide possible solutions to them. Get some reassurance that you are not alone during this period of ups and downs while you are trying to find out who you want to be in this world full of immensity.


Image result for be a changemaker

Be a Changemaker: How to Start Something That Matters- Laurie Ann Thompson

Sitting at home on a Sunday afternoon and wondering if you could be doing something better in this world? Pick this book up and find out how you can leave your mark on this world. It helps you improve your social character and find your passion in order to create something that will impact you, your community, and your world. After having read this amazing book, I have become inspired to establish healthy relationships between teenagers in our community. Do something great. Do something for yourself and others in your society. Use this self- help book to help you get there.


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