Been There Should’ve Done that II by Suzette Tyler

Book Review by Ashley Huang

“Been There Should’ve Done That II” is a little booklet chock full of tips and tricks from college students on what they should’ve done back when they were just brand-new freshmen, wide-eyed and curious. I picked the book up at my school’s student services center, and needless to say, it’s pretty darn cool. The only problem I have is, this book was published in 2001, which possibly makes a few of the tips outdated. That’s why, while reading this book, I had to keep alert and conscious and use my OWN judgment when deciding the true usefulness of a tip. Despite this, I believe most of the advice offered in this book is quite classic and timeless, and every high school senior should be given the opportunity to read this book. As a sophomore, I found this book a little irrelevant, but in the coming years, I know it will prove itself to be very useful.


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