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Guitar Notes                                   by: Mary Amato                                Rating: 4/5 stars

Guitar Notes is a memorable story with an inspiring message about how music can bring the unlikeliest of people together. The story follows Tripp and Lyla as they become friends and music partners. After Tripp loses his father to a brain aneurysm he starts to keep more to himself, playing guitar in his room all day which prompts his mother to take away his guitar. When her mother dies in a plane crash Lyla chooses to follow in her mothers footsteps and soon becomes the best cellist of her age, but ends up losing her love for cello along the way. Both Tripp and Lyla sign up for band practice rooms in hopes that they can find a moment of peace in their lives. Soon the two start leaving notes for each other and eventually become friends, but not before some bickering along the way. It is only when Tripp helps Lyla feel the joy in playing an instrument (the thrum) that they start to form a friendship.However, they get into lots of trouble along the way, Ranging from the duo stealing a rug from Tripp’s family store all the way to starting a band behind their parents backs and playing at a wedding. When things turn to the worst will Tripp and Lyla be able feel the thrum again? Something else that I found was unique about this book was that the author, Mary Amato, put all of the songs on her website for her book for readers to listen to. This story is both fun and heartbreaking and I recommend it for anyone who loves music, realistic fiction, and are looking for a fairly quick and fun to read book. Both of the main characters are lovable and they write music that brings a smile to the readers face. This is definitely a recommended book from me!


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