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Ms.Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

by Ransom Riggs

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children is a fascinating read about the magical. However, just as the cover implies, it is not like most magical stories as it contains dark elements and suspense, easily fitting in among the stories that classify as macabre. It tells us the story about a boy who is thrown into a world of dark creatures and strange powers and accurately represents the reaction of a person when put in the same situation. However, it is also able to lighten the darkened mood after a tense situation with humor, often with sass from the narrator. The author was able to make sure that the mood of the story does not bring down the reader as he places jokes that are relevant to the situation at appropriate times to make sure that it is not just dark parts to the story. The way it shows the narrator’s parents, although it paints them in a way that could be hard to sympathize with by the intended audience, it also shows how they are trying to help him, although they do not know how to or that they are wrong about what he needs help with. It helps put into perspective that, although someone may think that he or she are doing what is best for a friend, family member, or significant other, they may be doing the exact opposite.


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