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Book Review: The Sound of Munich

The Sound of Munich has nothing to do with the Sound of Music as it may seem, but this book has everything to do with a trip to Germany, adventure, and fitting in. In this book we get Siena Bernstein, a German-American girl who longs to discover more about her German roots and find the man who helped her father cross the Berlin wall when he was just a toddler. Of course, when visiting a foreign country on scholarship you may meet a handsome foreign guy who you may just develop a crush on, and that is exactly the predicament Siena falls into. Add in a high- maintenance drama queen and a huge load of classwork and we may just end up in a funny, dramatic, heartwarming, romantic, and zen worthy quick read that will not disappoint. And Siena is not the only student to cross the seven seas and take risks in a new country, there are many more books in the S.A.S.S ( students across the seven seas ) book series, so you can follow other girls through France, England, Spain, Mexico,etc. This book left me in wonder about some of the great monuments in Deutschland, and made me smile when Siena realizes where she belongs when it comes to her fathers side of the family. All in all this story is a great short read that will move you by the very end.


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