From the Corner of His Eye, Dean Koontz

From The Corner of His Eye provides a compelling view on the way the world works. With the antagonist becoming the evil person that he is due to the loss of the person closest to him, it also tells a story about some of the effects of great loss just like the one that he went through. Although the ways that people deal with this kind of loss differs, the author shows one of the more extreme ways. With the way that some of the characters manipulated the universe, it plays easily with the great unknown that’s present with it and thus helps with this theme of fiction, that may not be so fictitious after all. Especially when there are so many ways that it could be done, it could also leave a little sense of mystery of other ways that characters in the novel could manipulate the universe. Another interesting element was the insight with the prodigal children in the novel. They knew much, and this helped propel the story to the intended destination which would be the antagonist ending up in a bad place thanks to this insight. Many times in fiction, the children are often used as a plot device to point out the obvious or as a way to get a character to the place, but here they’re used as the main force behind the progression of the story. Not only is it an interesting change, but also gives a narrative about how, sometimes, prodigal children can give lessons that even adults don’t learn until much later on in their life.


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