Book Review: Room by Emma Donoghue


By Aaryaman Akhouri

​Room is a book filled with emotion. It is sweet and innocent, yet dark and unsettling at the same time. Before I delve into the basic plot without spoiling, I will give some background information about the book. Room is a drama novel by Emma Donaghue released in 2010. It was adapted into a film that was released in 2015 to critical acclaim and Oscar buzz.
​The story of Room is about a woman who was kidnapped for 7 years. She had to live in a garden shed, and in that shed, she gave birth to a boy named Jack. Jack is a five year old boy who has never been outside the shed. The book is narrated by him. His mother and him refer to the shed as “Room”, which is why the book is titled that. Jack spends all of his life inside Room.
​He’s never seen trees, planes, or any other people besides his mother and the man who kidnapped her, referred to as “Old Nick.” I would like to commend the way this book was written. It’s beautiful and funny narration by Jack causes strong emotional affection.
​Although we never get to learn his mother’s thoughts, through skilled writing, it becomes very easy to care for her. Room is a sad book, but also a triumphant one that leaves you thinking about it for weeks. Overall, Room is a spectacular and original book that deserves the rating of 9.7/10.


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