10 Books About Girls in Middle/High School


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One favorite genre of many teens is “chick lit,” or books directed at girls about friendship and other generally “girly” things–although many boys also enjoy these books.

1. All-American Girl by Meg Cabot (All-American Girl duology Book 1)

In this story, Sam saves the president’s life and goes on a funny adventure involving art classes and friendship struggles.  Although a lot of the characters were very stereotypical, the storyline is funny and cute.  Plus, Reston readers may appreciate some of the references to real-life D.C.

2. Bindi Babes by Narinder Dhami (Babes trilogy Book 1)

When three young sisters who are used to being generally spoiled must live with their strict aunt, they attempt to marry her off…with limited success.

3. Angus, Thongs, and Full-Frontal Snogging by Louise Rennison (Georgia Nicolson Book 1)

This book has very little to do with thongs or snogging and a lot more to do with a girl named Georgia and her cat Angus.  A lot of the comments she writes in her diary are highly cringey, but that’s what makes it funny.

4. In The Cards: Love by Mariah Fredericks (In the Cards trilogy Book 1)

Some 8th grade girls have a goofy romantic adventure.  This is the perfect light read for when you don’t want anything too serious.

5. The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants by Anne Brashares (Sisterhood quartet Book 1)

Four girls have separate summer adventures between their sophomore and junior years of high school.  It’s a cute friendship story, and unlike many book-to-movie adaptations, it worked quite well–so once you’re done with the book, the movie is as good or better.

6. ttyl by Lauren Myracle (ttyl quartet Book 1)

Three girls communicate over instant message in high school.  Although the format takes getting used to, the story is a pretty candid picture of high school life for girls.

7. Secrets of My Hollywood Life by Jen Calonita (Secrets series Book 1)

Kaitlyn Burke, movie star, pretends to be a normal girl to see what it’s like to not be famous.  This is one of the most fun Hollywood books I’ve ever read, and Kaitlyn never comes across as annoying or stuck-up.  The other 5 books are just as good.

8. Charly’s Epic Fiascos by Kelli London (Charly series Book 1)

Charly runs away from home to audition for a reality show, something many teens dream of doing.  Although she faces many obstacles, she keeps going in this hilarious story about acting with all sorts of unusual characters.

9. He Said, She Said by Kwame Alexander

Claudia and Omar must stand up for arts funding in their small school in this funny, dynamic high school story told from alternating perspectives.

10. What My Mother Doesn’t Know by Sonia Sones

This novel in verse describes one girl’s adventures with romance.

Happy (goofy and heartfelt) reading!



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