Ender’s Shadow – Book Review

The oriEnder's_Shadow_Cover_Mainginal book that started it all: Ender’s Game. It tells the story of Ender Wiggin, who’s the best of the best in a school that’s designed to train children to become military commanders. But what Ender’s Game does not tell is the story of Ender’s partner, strategist and best friend – Bean. In the companion novel Ender’s Shadow, Bean’s childhood is unwrapped to reveal his horrifying ancestry and his life growing up homeless. I really enjoyed Ender’s Shadow because while the novel took place at the same time as Ender’s Game, the story was seemingly different because of the different perspective and angle. While Ender’s Game made Ender sound like a kid simply trying to make it through Battle School, Ender’s Shadow depicted Ender as a god, with all the students practically worshipping him for his feats. Ender’s Shadow provides an insanely fresh new outlook on the story of Ender’s Game.


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