Unspoken by Sarah Rees Brennan- Book review

By Ashley Huang


Kami G10866624lass is your average British teenager. She has a best friend named Angela, writes for the school newspaper, and has two rowdy younger brothers who keep her busy after school. But, what makes Kami stand out is that she loves a boy who doesn’t even exist. Jared is a voice that has been in Kami’s head since birth. The pair grew up sharing secrets and telling each other jokes without even knowing what the other looked like. Everything changes the day a strange family from America moves into town, and Kami finds out that Jared is her new neighbor. Now, Kami isn’t sure if she likes Jared anymore. He’s the exact opposite of what Kami thought he’d look like. To make matters worse, Jared and his family radiates an eerie magic that casts fear upon the entire town. Finally, Kami and her best friend Angela team up to write an article that delves down deep into the reason why Jared’s family is so strange, and in the process, Kami learns the deepest, darkest secrets about Jared ever imaginable.


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