Mosquitoland -Book review

By Ashley Huang

16-year old Mim Malonedownload.jpg has gone through a lot in her life. She’s blind in one eye from looking into a solar eclipse, she vomits uncontrollably due to a “misplaced epiglottis,” her parents are divorced, and she has an unclear psychiatric diagnosis, according to her therapist. Could it get any worse?

When Mim hears that her mother is sick, she runs away from her father and stepmother’s house to make an epic journey from Mississippi to Cleveland, where her mother is. Through the journey, Mim survives an exploding bus, befriends a sweet old lady, and feasts on cans of ham. It’s not until she meets a homeless boy with Down Syndrome and a handsome college dropout named Beck, when Mim realizes the power of love and loyalty which will ultimately spur her on to finish her journey.


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