The Amazing Book is Not on Fire

In 2015, British YouTubers Dan Howell and Phil Lester released their first book The Amazing Book is Not on Fire. The book title originates from Dan and Phil’s internet names: danisnotonfire and AmazingPhil. Arranged in no particular order, The Amazing Book is Not on Fire is a collection of selfies, quizzes, comics and stories. Damazingnotfirean and Phil talk about college life, their childhood, and even about the time they met One Direction. The Amazing Book is Not on Fire also includes two “fanfictions” written by Dan and Phil themselves.

The beginning starts with a candid, humorous argument between Dan and Phil while they announce who they dedicate the book to. One quote by Phil goes, “We’re already arguing and the book hasn’t even started yet… just dedicate it to something and we can get on with the book.”

The Amazing Book is Not on Fire also features advice to aspiring YouTubers. They include tips on how to introduce yourself in a video, what equipment/background props to use, and even how to pick the perfect YouTube username!

Any teen who spends their weekends watching Dan and Phil must read this book. I really appreciate the numerous inside-jokes only a Dan and Phil fan will understand. The Amazing Book is Not on Fire is the “behind-the- scenes” of Dan and Phil and it will make you appreciate how far the YouTubers have come since their beginning in 2006.



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