Animal Farm and Hunger Games Mockingjay (comparison)

I just finished rereading Animal Farm and it seemed quite similar to The Hunger games specifically Mockingjay. Animal Farm is about a farm with animals, those animals don’t like being treated like slaves. One day one of their fellow animal tells them about a dream he had in this dream he pictures a world without human oppression, he also says that since human are the only creature that doesn’t produce anything. The animals after sometime rebel. After this victory the animals start of with a system of 7 commandments:

–  Whatever goes upon two legs is an enemy.

– Whatever goes upon four legs, or has wings, is a friend.

– No animal shall wear clothes.

– No animal shall sleep in a bed.

– No animal shall drink alcohol.

– No animal shall kill any other animal.

– All animals are equal.

(Spoiler Alert!!!) For a while this works, but soon the pigs start to take more power, and with that power they start changing or getting rid of the rules. First, they kill anyone questioning them. Second, they start sleeping in beds. Then, they start drinking, wearing clothes, and walking on two legs until no one can tell if they’re human or a pig (not even the humans).

(Spoilers Alert!!!) In the Hunger Games Mockingjay after the rebels captured the Capitol, their then president decides to redo the hunger games, but instead of the districts providing tributes it’s the Capitol. This would have been enacted, but then Katniss “stopped” her.

The main differences here are in the story. Hunger Games focuses more on the tyranny on the Capitol’s regime before they were replaced, but Animal Farm focuses what happens after the revolution and how the farm turned into a prosperous society back into what the humans had. In fact revolution means to end where you started.


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