“The Unlikely Hero of Room 13B Book” by Teresa Toten // Book Review


This novel revolves around a group of young adults with disorders that meet in an OCD support group. Each character identifies with a certain superhero at the beginning of the story. The main character, Adam, falls in love with Robyn. Adam, of course, is Batman. This unlikely hero gets his name by helping each character individually, but as he does this his situation only gets worse.

The story might seem somewhat cliche because it starts out with love at first sight but it doesn’t continue this way. The rest of the story becomes unique and memorable. Adam’s situation mostly gets worse because of his home life. His mom starts receiving anonymous letters that he has to keep private and his little brother, nicknamed Sweetie, is full of love but is starting to develop a mental illness of his own. The other characters – dubbed Wonder Woman, Thor, and Wolverine – from the support group come out of their shells as they begin to know each other and share experiences as well as forming unlikely friendships.

The book creates realistic characters that are believable if you get past the initial start. The author gives a glimpse into each characters lives and their own personal challenges. It ends off somewhat unresolved but hopeful. Overall it's a very heartfelt book and gives an interesting perspective of the lives of people with mental illnesses.


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