Pokémon Go Update!

If you’re as obsessed with Pokémon Go as we are, you might have noticed something—perhaps even multiple somethings—interesting when you opened the app today.

Since its release in the beginning of July, Pokémon Go has been an unexpected phenomenon that took the world by storm. People—young and old, longtime fans of the franchise or no—have been crazy about this game. But it is only now, a month into the craze, that Niantic has released its first large update. Here’s a brief summary of the known changes!

pokemon go update footsteps gone.png

  1. The tracking system is gone. Poof. Niantic has done away with the buggy three-footstep tracking system that had previously garnered quite a bit of discussion and debate over just how it was supposed to be used. Now there’s some more debate about whether or not this change is really for the better, but we’ll be on the lookout for more information on this topic.
  2. Trainer customization has been improved! For all those who regret their outfit choices in the beginning of the game, or simply want a change—rejoice! You can now re-customize your trainer whenever you want. Furthermore, there seems to be a greater variety as far as color selection goes.
  3. “Safeties” are in place to prevent accidental transfers. The “transfer” button has been moved to a little floating icon on the bottom right. The game prevents you from being able to transfer “favorited” Pokémon to the professor. Good thing too—nobody wants to realize they’ve just lost their best Vaporeon for a single Eevee candy!pokemon go update warning message
  4. More warnings for fewer dumb accidents. We’ve all heard of “Don’t Pokémon and Drive” and the stories of people who have walked off cliffs or into cemeteries in search of Pokémon. It seems that Niantic has taken note of these as well—besides its old “Be aware of you surroundings” message on its loading screen, it now has three additional messages that warn people against trespassing, driving while playing, and entering dangerous areas.pokemon go update.png
  5. Minor aesthetic tweaks. A bolder font for CP levels and some redesigned medals, plus shiner Pokéballs.
  6. Overpowered no more. Some Pokémon have been “nerfed”—in other words, some of their abilities have been changed so that they’re no longer overtly strong compared to their opponents. A notable “nerfed” Pokémon is Vaporeon: its regular attack move has been taken down a notch to make battles fairer.

So what do you think about these updated features? Do you like them? Do you think they’re here to stay? Please tell us in the comments!


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