Camp NaNoWriMo


Do you like writing? Do you like building worlds and developing characters, and creating stories that come to life?

As book lovers, many of us have dreamed of writing our own novels. Perhaps we already have something in the works, or perhaps we only just have the barest sprouts of a story idea. Whatever the case, it’s important to know that turning that dream into a reality isn’t unreachable!

National Novel Writing Month, better known as “NaNoWriMo,” is a well-known Internet-based event held every year in the month of November. As its name implies, you join to write a novel in a month! With a culture of word sprints and plot bunnies, it’s designed to help aspiring writers get past the infamous author’s block and pour their minds on paper.


Now, you ask, why now? It’s obviously not November—it’s far too hot for that!

Thus we introduce to you Camp NaNoWriMo—built around the same concept as the original NaNoWriMo and ran by the same people, this Camp offers people an opportunity to fight author’s block even during the off-season.

Camp is held in April and July. Although we’re already a week into July, you can still join! Visit its website at to make an account. You’ll be able to track your p

rogress, connect with other writers, and receive motivating talks! (Please make sure to get your parent’s approval prior to signing up.)

For Camp’s Frequently Asked Questions, visit

There’s also a Young Writer’s Program, designed for kids:



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