The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern // Book Review by Brianna Adams

Prepossessing descriptions and effective wordplay. The Night Circus follows Marco and Celia both of which are trained by their fathers (who possess magic) from childhood to compete together in a duel. Neither of their mentors give a description of the rules of the competition or even who their opponent is. The venue chosen for the event is an eponymous black and white striped circus called Le Cirque des Rêves. The circus arrives randomly without warning and is only open at night. It has not one giant tent but many. Later, the circus becomes a catalyst for a romance between Celia and Marco as it connects them.
Each of the characters in the circus are diverse and add a different element to the story. Although, I consider that Marco and Celia both fell a little flat and somewhat transparent; there was more development in their magic than in their actual characters. However, this created another opportunity for more picturesque settings (a plus). The romance between them is subtle with the main focus of the book being the circus.

A secondary story within the book is about Bailey, an avid fan of the circus. He has a responsibility towards his family’s farm but also desires to do something more. He later meets twins from the circus which leads him towards the prospect of joining the circus. His character is developed well and he adds a relatable aspect.

The pace of the book is slow and the time and place continuously changes which can be hard to keep track of, but in the end it all falls into place. As the story develops you get to “explore” the tents. The author goes into detail about every aspect of them appealing to all of the senses. This was the most notable, and probably my favorite, part of this book. All of the captivating details and descriptions made it worthwhile.


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