Animal Farm Review

AnimalFarmDo you like books about overthrowing an oppressive regime just to install another oppressive regime? Well, you might like Animal Farm, Animal Farm is George Orwell’s prediction of what the Soviet Union would do and it was shockingly correct. This book was published in 1945, just after VE-day (victory in Europe).

In Animal Farm, a group of animal live together under the oppressive farmer. The animals then decide they have had enough and chase the farmer his wife and any other human working or for the farmer. the animal creates a government called Animalism in which all animals are equal and all humans are evil. Months go by without conflict until one animal called Snowball has the plan to build a mill to increase food production and storage for winter, but this plan is opposed by Napolean. On election day, Napolean chases Snowball out of the farm and crowns himself ruler. Will Napolean follow through Animalism where all animals are supposed to be equal or will he become greedy and sell the animals out to the humans.



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