Slayed by Amanda Marrone:

The Van Helsing family have been hunting vampires for over a hundred years, but Daphne, who is 16, wishes her parents had a more practice job. Daphne has spent her entire life on the road because her family travels from town to town killing vamps and keeping people safe, but all she wants is to find her dream house and live life as a normal girl. All of her wishes and dreams are turned upside down when her parents get a job in a small town in Maine. Daphne and her parents team up with some unlikely sources to defeat a new and more dangerous type of vampires. With the odd new partners, the past is revealed and the future becomes uncertain. Daphne thought her life was hard before, but with the new challenges, her day-to-day slaying becomes like an endless roller-coaster ride. Visit the #restonregionallibrary to check out the book!


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