A Spy in the House (The Agency #1)

A Spy in the House, written by Y.S. Lee, takes place in the 1850s in London. The main character, Mary Quinn –  who is an orphan and a thief, gets offered an education from an unlikely source. Mary accepts the offer, and moves to Miss Scrimshaw’s Academy for Girls. For around five years, Mary gets an education and starts to teach at the academy, but part of her wanted more. At the age of seventeen, Mary finds the meaning behind the Academy- an all female investigative organization, called The Agency. After finding out about The Agency, Mary gets assigned a mission to be a lady’s companion; “her lady” is the daughter of a rich merchant that has been suspected of damaging his own cargo ships to gain more money. As Mary assumes her role as a companion, she tries to figure out who is in charge of all the missing ships. A Spy in the House is full of action, suspense, witty humor, and  a touch of romance. Will Mary manage to bring the world to justice and battle secrets from her past that she thought were already buried?



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